Lawn Aeration

Having an aeration done at least once a year will help your yard reach its full potential. It is the foundation to a beautiful healthy lawn.

Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil so that oxygen nutrients and water can reach the Grassroots more effectively. Aeration is also considered the best solution for compacted soil and lawn thatch which are two of the most common reasons for unhealthy grass. Compact soil and Lawn thatch both inhibit grass growth by limiting oxygen circulation.

Aeration Benefits

Aerating a lawn provides many benefits including the following:

  • Deeper roots: When grass receive the right amount of nutrients oxygen and water it grows deeper stronger roots. Deeper Roots help the grass survive extreme conditions  such as summer heat and drought.
  • Less thacth: Aeration is considered the only process that can break up thatch accumulation.
  • Water absorption: Compacted soil and thacth hinder water absorption where as loose soil enables water to reach the root system much more effectively. Lawns that have been arreated also requires much less watering than ones that haven’t been aerated.
  •  Nutrients: in order for your lawn to flourish grass needs loose soil that allows nutrients oxygen and water to circulate to its roots. Aeration breaks up the compact soil making room for these essential nutrients.