Davis Lawn and Landscape

At Davis Lawn & Landscaping Services we are a commercial and residential lawn care and landscaping company that has been serving Reynoldsburg,PataskalaPickerington and all of Central Ohio since 1991. We are dedicated to fulfilling customer needs through competitive pricing and quality service by treating each property as if it were our own.

We offer residential as well as commercial ground maintenance.

  • Weekly mowing plans
  • Leaf removal
  • Mulching
  • Tree pruning and shrub care
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Landscape installation
  • Sod installation
  • Flower bed weeding
  • Edging

Landscaping Services

Nothing is more pleasing to the senses than colorful blooming flowers, lush green lawns and full, mature trees. A beautiful landscape adds not only to the aesthetic appearance of your home or business, but can translate to real dollars as added value to your property.

Lawn Care Services

We offer a variety of landscaping maintenance and lawn care services including lawn mowing, lawn aeration, fertilizing, lawn installation, edging, and top dressing services for both residential and commercial lawn needs.

5 Star Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer interaction. We’re happy to be here to assist in absolutely any lawn care needs. We set the bar high for ourselves and leave the rest of the industry scrambling and stepping up their game just to compete with our customer service quality.